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Firefighter's Corner

ProHealthNet, Incorporated has been working with the fire community to improve firefighter health and safety since 1998. We offer educational programs in mental preparation and physical conditioning specific to the demands of both structure and wildland fire suppression.

ProHealthNet utilizes the extensive research from exercise physiology and sport psychology to develop effective training programs for the firefighter. We use research from these disciplines because the similarities between the athlete and the firefighter are many. Primarily, both the athlete and the firefighter are placed in physically demanding environments while under extremely taxing mental conditions. In terms of preparation – nutritional choices, fitness level, or mental training – what works for the athlete will work for the firefighter.


Doug Booster speaks at the
National Interagency Fire Center

What to Expect – The Results
Fire agencies that make an organizational commitment to the importance of firefighter fitness and initiate well-designed training programs can expect to see tangible results, including:

  • Reduction in injury and light-duty time
  • Improved job performance
  • Greater confidence in group achievement
  • Improved workforce morale

ProHealthNet Services for the Firefighter
ProHealthNet designs programs to fit the individual needs of each fire agency. Programs may include the following:

  • Fire-specific classes (Back Care; Team Cohesion and Group Development; Fatigue, Decision Making and the Fire Line; Simplified Eating for Health and Performance; Strength and Cardiorespiratory Training for the Firefighter; additional classes)
  • Physiological Testing (General Fitness and Fire-Ready Testing)
  • Fitness Training Program Development
  • Program Goal Development
  • One-On-One Consultation for the Firefighter
  • Incentive Program Development

If you'd like more information on any of our programs or classes, please contact us.

Doug Booster presents a class on Peak Performance to the
Oregon Department of Forestry Fire School in Bly, Oregon


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