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Welcome to ProHealthNet's Resource Center. Here you will find articles on a variety of topics from our esteemed faculty contributors:

Precison Fit Newsletters

July 2004 (PDF - 521K)

October 2004 (PDF - 682K)

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view Precision Fit.

Injury & Disease Care/Prevention

The Power of the Placebo
The Benefits of Physical Activity for Type II Diabetes

Diet & Nutrition

Physical Activity for Weight Maintenance
Why Diets Do Not Work
The Goal of Dieting – Not What You Think
The DASH Diet - A Diet Worth Trying
Caffeine Controversy: Clear As Mud


Could a TV Free Lifestyle Improve Your Mental Health?
The Balanced Life: How To Have It All
Poor Time Management: A Ticking Time Bomb


Exercise: So Little Time, So Many Benefits
No Pain, No Gain: Fact or Fiction
Occupational Physical Activity and Health: What I do at Work Does Matter!

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