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Seven Steps to Wellness

Worksite health promotion programs must be based on the specific needs of the corporation and its employees. Let ProHealthNet, Incorporated assist you with all your health and wellness needs.

STEP ONE: Philosophy and Policy

Together with management and wellness steering committee, develop the philosophical framework that provides the goals - short and long term - and the direction of the wellness program.

STEP TWO: Health Risk Assessment

Determine Health Risks of the workforce, thereby creating the criteria for program design and establishing a baseline for future comparisons. Annual assessments are done to document quantifiable changes in risk.

STEP THREE: Foundational Education

Provide employees with an educational foundation in the major wellness areas of physical fitness, stress management, disease risk factors, and nutrition.

STEP FOUR: Program Design and Planning

Design and plan a comprehensive wellness program that addresses both corporate and employee needs and interests. Behavior change is a primary goal - thus programs are designed to offer multiple and coordinated opportunities based on behavioral models for change.

STEP FIVE: Program Implementation

Implement programs and policies developed in the previous steps. Program Implementation includes, among other tasks, initiation of the marketing campaign and establishing program calendar.

STEP SIX: Program Evaluation

Use latest technology and knowledge to review and evaluate program outcomes and measurable results. This information is used to modify programs and ensure continued success.

STEP SEVEN: Professional Support

Provide professional and technical support by way of on-site visitations, phone-in advisory, e-mail and website access, quarterly newsletter, and new program and product development.

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