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Health Tip Archives

Exercise Plateaus - What Can You Do?
Add some fun and excitement to your workouts and avoid hitting those inevitable plateaus with Fartlek training.

How's the Health of Your Cutting Board?
Keep your family healthy by taking care of your cutting board.

Muscle Your Way To Better Health
Improve your quality of life by adding weight training to your exercise regimen.

A "Patented" Marketing Gimmick
Don't be foold into thinking a product is safe or effective just because it's patented.

No Room for Dummies - Be a Smart Patient
Receive the best possible medical care by educating yourself first.

Sharks Do Not Get Cancer - Oh, Really?
Learn the truth about supplementing with shark cartilage.

Don't Forget to Breathe!
Discover the dangers of holding your breath while lifting weights.

Exercise as a Mood Enhancer
Read up on behavioral techniques for getting a better night's sleep.

Take a Trip to Slumberland
Find out how exercise is a proven method for improving mood and self esteem.

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