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ProHealthNet Wellness Talks: Diet & Nutrition

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Diets, Diets, Everywhere!
Every time you look up, someone is coming up with a “new” diet. If diets really worked, wouldn’t the first one have worked for everybody? Why do we need so many diets? Do diets even work? This presentation will look at several modern diets from a scientific viewpoint. Diets will be reviewed for their “proposed” purpose, effectiveness, and safety. Because 50% of the American population is on a “diet” at any given time, this is a very important educational topic for your employees.

Simplified Eating for Health and Performance
Proper nutrition plays a major role in our ability to maintain our health and to perform physically in an optimal manner. But what is “proper nutrition?” Much confusion surrounds this topic and it is no wonder that people struggle to understand how, what, and when they should eat. This talk will wade through some of the confusion and present an easy 5-step plan to healthier eating.

Weight Management: What Really Works?
Americans spend $33 billion dollars a year on weight loss products and yet obesity and other body composition problems continue to rise. Obviously, we are not very good at this weight management “thing.” During this presentation, the facts and myths regarding body composition and weight loss will be explored. Common diets and their degree of effectiveness will also be explained. Come hear the simple truth about weight management.

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