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ProHealthNet Wellness Talks: Lifestyle

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Fire: Seasonal Work, Year-Long Commitment
Many factors influence your ability to perform effectively and safely in your respective area of fire. Typical American habits, lifestyle choices, common mindsets, standard operating procedures, and resistance to change all contribute to one’s job performance – as well as their health. We will look at some common attitudes many have about their jobs and the pitfalls of such attitudes.

Developing a Positive Mental Outlook
The ability to maintain an appropriate mental mindset at critical moments plays a huge role in our ability to function in an optimal manner – personally, socially, and physically. This presentation looks at mental focus terms such as attention, concentration, attitude, and personality. Behavior modification techniques are discussed in regards to developing selective attentional focus. Participants will be exposed to positive mental outlook skills.

Health: It's a Matter of Choice
The combination of genetic predisposition to disease and lifestyle choices will determine your health status and will impact the quality of your life. In the future, genetic engineering may allow us to alter less-than-perfect genes. But in the meantime, our best line of defense against disease and failing health is making healthy choices in various aspects of your life. This class will help you identify unhealthy lifestyle habits and provide you with practical advice and techniques to promote change.

The Balanced Life
Life is filled with commitments, responsibilities, tasks, and other various activities. How does one balance all of these elements of life? Is it even possible? This high-energy presentation will look at the facts and myths surrounding “The Balanced Life.”

Poor Time Management: A Ticking Time Bomb
The results of poor time management include despair, failure, chronic stress, low productivity, fatigue, slow advancement in the workplace, anxiety, and illness. Healthy and successful people tend to be good time managers. During this presentation, practical time management techniques will be discussed that will help you become an effective time manager in both your personal life and on the job. Time management topics included in this talk are identifying time wasters, goal-setting strategies, eliminating procrastination, effective communication, time management for the project manager, and the most critical step of time management.

A Better Life Through Lifestyle Management
Challenges are a daily occurrence. How we manage these daily challenges plays a major role in determining the quality of our life. Ineffective coping and improper lifestyle choices can lead to “burnout” and can be devastating to our health. This presentation will help you recognize the various distress symptoms (emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and physical) and will expose you to many stress intervention strategies and methods.

Goal Setting and the Art of Change
Change of any kind is difficult and this is especially true for health-related change. Quite often we set ourselves up for failure by “how” we establish a goal. Come hear about the crucial mistake many people make when they set goals. Better yet, come hear about how you can create realistic and attainable health-related goals.

Effective Communication

Communication is considered by some as the most important life skill. The four basic forms of communication are writing, reading, speaking, and listening. We use these methods to exchange ideas, transfer information, and engage in personal interaction. The best communicators tend to experience higher levels of success in all aspects of life (home, work, and play). This presentation will take a brief look at what makes an effective communicator. Practical tips will be explained to help you improve in this vital life skill.

Realistic New Year’s Resolutions
With great determination and resolve, each New Year’s Eve thousands of us make a firm decision to change one or more lifestyle habits. Unfortunately for most, our devotedness disappears by January 3rd. What’s up with that? How can your goals and best-laid plans fail so miserably and quickly? During this presentation, you will learn why people do not achieve their goals and how you can plan more wisely for your future goal attainment. Also, a number of specific health goals and plans will be outlined for you to try. We guarantee that if you follow these plans, you will begin to improve your overall health and quality of life.

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