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ProHealthNet Wellness Talks: Stress Management

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Fatigue and Decision Making
The ability to make appropriate decisions can be affected by one’s level of fatigue. Some stress and fatigue can bring about clarity and concentration. Too much fatigue and stress however – will disrupt decision-making capabilities. Attend this lecture and learn how fatigue influences how you interpret and process information. You will also learn how to combat this common problem.

Stress Management: A Self-Directed Coping Program
How effective one is at coping with stress depends on the comprehensiveness of their stress management program. The 3 primary areas of management strategies are Attitude Adjustment Strategies, Direct Stress Eliminators, and Practical Management Techniques. During this lively presentation, you will be introduced to numerous coping strategies and given instructions on how to utilize them.

Practical Stress Reduction Techniques
Get ready to relax! During this practical, “hands-on” session, you will be taught 3 or 4 stress reduction techniques. You will be able to utilize these techniques in your daily lives. Introduction and practice will be the focus so dress comfortably and appropriately (some of the techniques will be performed on the floor with mats.)

Stress in the Workplace
The workplace is a major contributor to our overall stress level. Many things about the organizational setting can influence how stress will impact the worker. During this talk, participants will learn about the physiology of stress, work-related stress variables, healthy job characteristics, symptom recognition, and stress intervention strategies. All levels of your workforce should attend this talk. The results will be a happier and more productive workforce.

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