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ProHealthNet Special Services

ProHealthNet goes beyond the typical realm of customer service. Not only will ProHealthNet assist you with the standard employee wellness needs – such as exercise program design, disease-risk assessment, health education classes, and physiological testing – we provide unique wellness services that make our programs the most comprehensive available. Below are a few examples of “special services” provided by ProHealthNet. Have a wellness need? We can fulfill that need.

Incentive Programs

Some employees need additional motivation to become physically active and make healthier lifestyle choices. ProHealthNet can design Incentive Programs that encourage behavior modification. One example is the Eagle Crest Indoor Triathlon put on for Eagle Crest Resort employees. The logo was put on hats and shirts and given to all participants. The event gave the employees a 4-month fitness goal to work toward.

Fit For Duty

ProHealthNet provides fire-ready fitness training designed specifically to meet the demands of firefighting, both structure and wildland.

Is your crew fire-ready?

Job Specific Fitness Training. Jeremy South and Dan Leyes of Bend Fire & Rescue in Bend, Oregon participate in a Fire-Ready Fitness Circuit designed by ProhealthNet.
Mark Bjorklund and other Marion County Fire District (Salem, OR) firefighters work their way through a fire-ready obstacle course
On-duty fitness training keeps firefighters fit for duty. Pictured: Bend firefighters Scott Seaton (on ground), Mark Taylor (jumping rope), and Casey Maidl (on right).

Trent Friesen, firefighter/paramedic with the Marion County Fire District, participates in physical training exercise designed by ProHealthNet

Mark Taylor, Bend Fire Department, negotiates a flight of stairs with a 45-pound sandbag on his shoulders as part of a training circuit developed by ProHealthNet.

Special Events

Do you have a special health or fitness event that needs some organizational assistance? ProHealthNet can help. From race organization to health fairs, we can guide you through it.
Redmond, Oregon firefighters participate in a
ProHealthNet hike up Misery Ridge at Smith Rock

Pictured (left to right): Division Chief Dave Pickhardt, Heath Pickhardt holding dad's hand, Tia Stewart, Jon Powell, Evan Powell on dad's back, Jake Campbell, Wade Bale, Scout Bale in dad's arms, Ron Hawkins

Unique Teaching Environments

ProHealthNet will take the message of health anywhere. Large group presentations, noontime talks, departmental meetings, same talk given multiple times for various shifts, and one-on-one consultations are all teaching environments ProHealthNet has delivered.

ProHealthNet President Doug Booster goes to Fire Camp to deliver health classes.
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